Wikipedia – an engine for change

So many jobs were in Esino to enable Wikimania to be hosted there: the village has been definitively transformed. The following is a schematic summary of the main ones.

  • The new quarter of the Museum der Grigne has been equipped with a multimedia room and inaugurated
  • The former museum building, liberated from the collections, was restored and, after Wikimania, dedicated to the associations of Esino Lario
  • The Cineteatro, closed since the 70s, became a multi-purpose hall
  • The sports hall was equipped with a new safety exit and used as the main hall during Wikimania
  • A new ramp has made it possible for disabled people to access the school
  • The connectivity of the village has been improved by the installation of fiber optics and the power line potentiation
  • The safety of the road between Varenna and Esino has been improved.


Generally speaking, in what way can Wikipedia be considered an engine for change?

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