“Up we all go in the half-light into a mysterious library. Holding a small electric torch we discover a series of animals in glass cases. A thin forest of sounds surrounds us and it’s as if the animals were talking to us” (Roberto Paci Dalò)


A sound installation that surrounds the collection of butterflies and a diorama of animals from the Museo delle Grigne, creating a new pathway in Villa Clotilde. Animagus is a work of art by Roberto Paci Dalò.


Place and opening times

Animagus by Roberto Paci Dalò is a permanent work of art installed on the first floor of Villa Clotilde in Esino Lario in the rooms of the Ecomuseo delle Grigne and more specifically of the specialist local history library, which is part of the Archivio Pietro Pensa. Accessibility varies over the year and can be verified by calling the municipality offices: +39 (0) 341 860 111.


For further insight


Photo taken during the inaugural performance of the Animagus installation, 2012 (Archivio Pietro Pensa / Wikimedia Commons)